Is Spelling Really That Important?


Flashback to when our oldest daughter was in elementary school.  We would drill that week’s list of spelling words, over and over until she could spell her list.  Then forward a bit to homeschooling our oldest son.  Spelling was not his strong point and we had special ways to learn and practice his spelling words.  (I just did a quick web search and golly, there’s a wealth of info of teaching the right-brained child that wasn’t available then.)  All the while giving them grammatical tips that help to spell words.  Today, they are good spellers.  Fast forward to this week.  I am sitting at the bar, kitchen bar, with Mr. Bubblewrap going over his spelling words for the week.  This time I am teaching a bit different.  With technology, spell checks, etc. even bad spellers can write a decent letter, report, etc.

However, I am more concerned if they know what the words mean.  All of our ninos came to us behind on so many varying levels.  A biggie was their vocabulary and comprehension or a lack thereof.  Sure the older ones could read chapter books, BUT seriously only understood 50% of what they were reading.  A lot of life will pass then right on by at that rate.  Chief Potato found reading out loud to me quite a chore.  However, we do see the positive results in most of the kids.

My point?  Sure, knowing how to spell is good, but knowing what the words you’re spelling mean is so much more important.  We still go over the how-to-spell and the grammar side of spelling, but with less emphasis on those and more on their meanings.


Grateful for Sippy Cups


Little Man is four and still uses a sippy cup.  Yes, I hear you, I hear you.  It is bad for his teeth.  We are all too aware of that, especially the way he drinks them (more on that later, maybe).  He can and does drink from a regular cup.  However, he doesn’t eat fruits or veggies (except for bananas) and this is the only way to get them in him.  We don’t know why this is.  Sensory issues?  Something with a possible problem with his cleft pallet?  Or just plain old picky eater syndrome?  For now, we are fine with him drinking his fruits and veggies and getting him to “try” some that I serve on his plates.  (Bribing anyone?)


Just a side note.  I tried making my own smoothies for him, awhile ago (see the top photo).  However, that was a one-time event.  He wasn’t having any of the others I made.

Water-lemon and Sasquatch

Today was one of those roller coaster days.  We are coming off of a weekend of revelations and breakthroughs, looking forward to a new week.  Chief Potato and I had a good time doing our Life Skills part of homeschooling this morning.   As we were walking out I asked him what he learned.  He named off a few things and added, “how to drop things.”  (This boy makes me laugh.)  Let me tell you we (I) dropped way too many things throughout the store.

Little Man’s bus was about 20 minutes late.  After he had nibbled at his lunch, he opted out of taking a nap.  Which leads to him being Mr. Emo in the evening.  Very early bedtime tonight for this little man.

Then there were the afternoon calls that led my mind and emotions spiral out of control. The other two kids came home from school, thankfully in good moods.  They made me laugh, which I totally needed.  They also gave me about a five-minute window to get ahold of God. Let me tell you, chains were broken and I was set free!

So onto dinner.  I serve Zucchini Pizza.  Chief Potato asked “What’s this? Sasquatch?”  When he is on he is a riot.  He was thinking squash.  From here on out squash is now sasquatch.  We also had watermelon which Mr. Bubblewrap calls water-lemon.  Mr. Bubblewrap has cute names for various things.


This Thing Called Love


There’s this little thing that changes people’s lives. A few for the worst but most of the better. It has the capability to make those it affects do things they swore they would never do. Countless poems, songs, and movies have been written about this little four letter word. It’s this powerful little thing called love.

Love takes on many different forms. Love sometimes gets thrown around like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower. And then there are those times when love settles right down in one’s heart and makes itself right at home.

This blog is about that type of love. The kind that settles, ever so slowly, ever so entangling, ever so lasting. One that settles in the heart of a mom.