No Trick or Treating

We don’t trick or treat.  We didn’t with our bios and were aren’t with our four ninos.


Here’s why:

*We are born again christians.  While other christians celebrate and dress up on this day it is our conviction not to.  To us, the holiday has so many dark, superstitious roots that we just can’t.

*Our ninos have been exposed to too many scary things in their young lives that they don’t need any more exposure.  Last year just going to the store would provoke fear in two, sometimes three of the four.  One, sometimes two, is drawn to dark things.  He, she doesn’t need any more darkness to feed that spirit.  We make it a fun day, a happy time, a family event.

*To me the whole idea of going door to door for “handouts” and the notion of the trick just doesn’t set right with me.


Here’s what we do and have done.  With our bios, it was mostly a regular day.  I bought them candy that lasted a good long time. Sometimes they’d do stuff with their friends.  With our ninos, we make it more of a fun day.  When they came to our home they were stripped of some stuff and had to adjust to so many new things that Hubby and I decided to compromise.  We make it about having fun together as a family.  We have made Halloween-ish/fall crafts, carved pumpkins, had a pumpkin ring toss, the kids paint each other’s faces, just fun games, eat easy, fun food.  This year I even made a Pinterest treat, which ended up being a Pinterest fail!

This is what we do.  Do you have any Halloween alternatives?  I’d love to hear about them.

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