MT. Saint Laundry

Right now…

*the trashman’s (lady) truck is shaking as she empties our communal trash can. I can see her from where I sit,

*there is a right footed black converse size child’s 9, toddler glasses, almost empty water bottle, a box of tissue, an almost eaten chocolate chip paleo cookie, my phone and a note with a couple of contact numbers on my desk,

*a load of The Chief’s jeans tumbles and clang in our dryer,

*dishes are left from breakfast and lunch,

*Hubby is napping behind me on the couch,

*Larry Boy is laying in the hallway just waiting to be picked up,

*The kitchen table needs to be cleaned from lunch,

*The General in napping!!

*I know there is more, but you get the picture.


I don’t want to get to any of those at this moment. I want to write about laundry.

Yes, laundry.


(This is just part of the amount of laundry that is done on a weekly basis.)

With seven of us, laundry is a BIG part of our lives. If not kept up on it can overtake us as we run around either in dirty, smelly clothes or in our birthday suits. Neither is preferred or acceptable, so here’s how we tackle the loads and mounds of laundry.

We have set days for individuals in our house. For YEARS I have washed Hubby and my clothes on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays being the heaviest day. So Mondays and Thursdays it’s Papa & Mama bears turn. I also wash the little guys’ clothes on Mondays. Right now The General’s clothes have been with ours since he got his cast on. The Lawyer (aka Mr. Bubblewrap) is learning how to do his own as well. While he and the General share a room, they no longer shares a hamper. The Lawyer has a problem soiling his undies and thus his needs to be washed separately. The only older child who picked a washing day when we had the laundry talk was The Chief. He is on Tuesdays. Our eldest son and Miss Nana are on their own. They usually wait and wait then try to butt in on someone else’s day. Much more her than him. Oh, there’s also the hamper drawer in the kids’ bathroom. I just recently gave that one up. No one said anything. I had been reluctantly doing the clothes in there since we moved. It was mainly the older two boys. Don’t know how it happened but I don’t wash them anymore.

Exceptions are of course soiled bedding and hunting clothes from a successful hunt. Which take priority.

Everyone, okay, most of the household put away their own clothes. I put away Hubby’s and the General’s (he’s a toddler) and of course mine. I used to put away all of our ninos clothes, but quickly phased that out and taught them how to do it. Our 9yo still struggles with it, but it is more of a lazy thing than him being incapable.

When the kids first came to us they changed everything (except their undies and socks) all.of.the.time. I would be overwhelmed by the sheer volume. We had to tell them they could wear their jeans and the like more than one day. I know everyone is different about how many times to wear an article of clothing before washing it, but this mama out of plain ‘ole lack of time had to change something. Change is hard. It took me making the older two ninos wash, dry and put away their own laundry for them to see just how much clothes they were wearing. How much work they were making. While they change clothes more than I’d like (again, socks and undies not included) (OH and those security blankets they called hoodies, zip up sweatshirts!! I had to stand my ground this morning for one to get washed today! Yuck!!)

Towels…so many towels. Again, everyone has their own opinion as to how often to wash towels. Again, we are not of the everyday group. Sorry to my son-in-law and to all like him. Miss Nana has to put her own towels (pink) in her laundry. She will use, I swear, two towels per shower if we don’t stay on top of her. Hubby, the general (who gets washed in our bathroom) and I put ours in our hampers. The others have a basket in the hamper drawer in their bathroom. It works out so much better washing the towels separately.

Unlike some BIG family blogs read, I don’t make my own detergent. I use Tide and the scented beads (our ninos and smells in another post) and occasionally fabric softner. Everyone has their own space in their perspective closets. No need for communal closets here. And because (how’s that for bad grammar?!) we all vary in age and size there are no sharing clothes.

Even with our semi-organization there always seems to be laundry for me that needs to be done. Usually, it’s the putting away that gets me. I get too busy with other things.

How do you manage the laundry? I’d love to hear.

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