My Two O’Clock Coffee

I cherish my two o’clock coffee, the only coffee I have all day.

I save it for when the kids are about ready to come home.  I save it when everyone is gone or asleep.  I save it for when most, who an I kidding, maybe half, of my day’s to-do list is done.  Just my coffee, half & half, stevia and me.  No matter if it’s cold or hot, it comforts my soul and awakens the brain.

Coffee and I go way back. Growing up coffee was not the drink of choice in our house. If it was a hot drink it was tea. Black tea, many herb teas, but no coffee. Then I got married. Hubby was a coffee drinker, still is. I didn’t even like the smell. He’d brew himself some coffee for this workday early in the morning. The smell which would filter its way through the rooms and to my nose was not a comforting, refreshing smell. To me, it was more of a strong, bitter smell that I couldn’t wait to burn away with scented candles.

Then ever so slowly I started to like and even love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. When entering a coffee shop I’d take those deep breaths you see coffee lovers take. However, that’s as far as I could handle coffee. Until one fateful dinner at a former pastor’s house, I tasted and liked coffee. Now I had tried hubby’s coffee many times, but our pastor’s wife had flavored creamer!! I probably had 1/4 coffee to 3/4 creamer at first, but I liked it. I slowly worked up the ratio of coffee to where I now drink it with 1/2 and 1/2, no flavored creamers. Ever since we started to eat cleaner flavored creamers is one of the things we gave up.

Here’s where I am at today:


I have my one cup of coffee around 2:00. Any more than that and the caffeine loses it’s kick. Ever since Hubby and I took a mini getaway to Durango, Colorado I am hooked on cold brew coffee. It is less bitter and acidic than traditionally brewed coffee. It has a very smooth taste as well. There are a few different methods to make your cold brew: here and here for example. There are also a  number of containers you can use for this process. If you look at the photo above the smaller, fancier container I bought through They taller one at Walmart. I prefer the Walmart one. It is very basic and easy to use. The suggested number of days you can leave your cold brewed coffee in the frig varies as well. For me, I found that after the 4th day the coffee tends to taste too bitter. You can warm up your cold brew as well. To get my daily dose of coconut oil in I simply melt it into my hot coffee. (My lips are so smooth afterward.) Also, to change it up a bit, when traditional brewing after you add the coffee grounds in sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice onto then brew as usual!  Yum. I still need to try that with the cold brew method.

Tell me how do you like your coffee? What are some healthy, money saving tips for a good brew?

2 thoughts on “My Two O’Clock Coffee

  1. Hi! Popping in after you stopped at my blog. I never drank coffee until my youngest was in preschool and now I have a mid morning coffee everyday. I can’t drink it black either. I usually have coconut milk and coconut oil in mine. Fridays are our “hot cocoa” days at home, so I have a mocha or two then as a treat. I haven’t tried a cold press yet, may have to do that. We also love mini-breaks up near Durango. We take a camping trip to Silverton every fall. Wishing you all the best!


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