Dear Sisters

“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” Matthew Arnold, nineteenth-century British poet, and philosopher

Reread that quote and let it sink in.

Ladies, sisters…

What untapped power we possess and yet, we are such a bitterly divided group. I am saddened to see where we as women are today. How low we have sunk. This divisiveness has brought such confusion to our nation, brought such a swirling of thoughts in my mind. I think we have confused equal value for equality.

Let me explain.

I have six kids; 2 girls and 4 boys. I have always told our boys they can’t play rough with the girls. They have learned that girls need to be treated with care and respect. They are to be cherished not roughed up like they do to each other. When we have to add chairs to our table the boys get the ones with no backs, the girls, ladies get the ones with backs. The boys are being taught to hold the doors open for their mom and others. Their sisters to accept and truly appreciate that gesture of value. If taught they will more than likely treat females with value for the rest of their lives.

On the flip side, I have told our girls if they want to play rough with the boys then they need to toughen up themselves and risk the consequences. They can’t come crying that their brothers hurt them. If they want to get their own door (or decline offered help) then they better not get mad when their brothers don’t offer that act of value. They can’t have it both ways.

Are my kids equals, no? Do I value them equally, yes?

I don’t want my husband to think of me as an equal. I am not his buddy or his pal he can talk rudely to or expect certain male type things out of me. Do I want him to treat me with equal value and dignity, YES!!

Keeping that balance, no, finding that balance is so hard in today’s society. For men and women. Women want the right to flaunt their bodies as a form of art or some personal thing they got going on and yet get all offended when men see and treat you like an object. When a man values something (someone) he treats it with care and cherishes it/her. However, we need to act in a way that men and other wants to value us. We need to stop sending conflicting messages.

Our power as women is not in our female body parts or in flaunting female body part shaped costumes and demanding equal rights and respect. Our power is in our value. Knowing we are worth that value and valuing those around us.

Sisters, let us not confuse equality for equal value. Let us stop lowering ourselves by shamefully displaying our aggression, our hatred, and our private parts. Let us reach out and lift the sister next to us up. Teach your little girls they are valued beyond rubies and to accept acts of value from others. Teach your boys to value woman, to cherish them and protect them.

I am not saying girls/women can’t do things our male counterparts can. I am saying there are some things we shouldn’t do. Let’s get things back in balance. Let’s start valuing again.

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