Overloaded Calendars

Do you have those months, weeks, heck, years where you are drowning in appointments, IEPs, school events, sports events, etc.? Have you had to cancel an appointment or two (or more) due to your unorganized and overlapping schedule? I have a solution that might help you.

This month I have 12, yes twelve appointments. Not to mention the church, school events and other things like that. Just appointments. Now I have always been more of an organized person, even as a kid. Can’t help it, just am. But months like these call out to my inner organizer to help sort out the business that is my life. I have to write it down or I WILL forget. I came up with this system, golly, I can’t even remember when, but it’s was years ago. Hopefully, it can help you as well.


I HAVE to have a calendar where I can see it. So, on the frig it goes. How to pick the right calendar.

*Pick one you like to look at. Though the top half of mine usually gets covered up with notes from school, important reminders that I need to see or year, I will forget.

*Pick one with big enough date/day spaces to write all you need. I have literary filled those nice little rectangles up before.

That’s really about it. Now get some colored fine tip markers. I use CD type markers. There is no really reason for this other than that it what we had at the time I started and it worked so well I still use this type of marker.


*Now for the colors: RED for birthdays, BLUE for church events, GREEN for school, ORANGE for appointments, PURPLE for dates, ladies nights, etc. YELLOW for those misc. items. I rarely use YELLOW as it is hard to see. I tend not to use black as it blends in with what is already on the calendar.

Using this color coded method helps me know what type of event is coming up at a glance.

The standard calendar worked for years. I needed nothing more. Along came the ninos…and many, many appointments followed. At first I tried using my smart phone. (Which I only got when we got the kids.)  I am not good at looking at my phone calendar or writing them down on my phone calendar. I ended up over lapping my appointments. I needed to change or add something.

Introducing the purse planner!!


THIS my friend has helped tremendoously. I use the same color coded method. I started out using the markers but they bled through the pretty papers. No bueno. While in Durango, CO I found this totally cute, totally perfect little colored pencil set.


I keep it attached to the front with the clip in the previous photo. With the same clip I hold  all of the appointment cards on the inside. Once the appointment is done I throw away the card. I keep the cards in case I need the number, or for some reason I forget to actually write it down. Which has happened.

To make this planner really work for me and not just be a lot of wasted paper bound together. I found one that I would actually use. It had to fit in my purse, check. It had to be attractive, check. I mean from the cover to the photos throughout where so me. I plan to hang the photos up when I am done with the planner. How’s that for multipurposing! It had to have big enough date space  (Again, I have been known to fill a day like a crazy woman.)


It also comes with encouraging phrases, that somedays are timed just right.


I have not used all that it has to offer, but have used the secondary calendar pages for notes. I keep a big rubber band as a place marker in this section. It also helps hold any loose paperwork I sometimes acquire at IEPs, Dr’s visits, etc.


So, if you’re struggling to keep dates, appointments straightened out and not overlapping one another, don’t despair. Start with a standard calendar. There are SO many cute ones out there. Get some colored markers and start…to quote the cover of my purse planner: “The best way to get something done is to begin.”

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