It’s Monday…Best for Today

It’s Monday and I left my 15th of 17 doctors appointments this month feeling, well down, heavy, overloaded, maybe. I don’t know how many meltdowns our  Mr. Bubblewrap has had this month, but I do know that there is a marked decrease in them since he’s been on meds. I haven’t counted or kept track. If I would’ve known the doctor would ask I would’ve tried to keep better count. All I know is that whatever we are doing has helped. And golly, I am just plain happy that I have been able to keep track of what I have been able to this month considering the amount of medical and behavioral issues we’ve had.

It’s Monday at 4:00 pm and I just finished loading the dishwasher from last night’s and today’s worth of dishes.

It’s grocery shopping Monday, after 4:00 pm and I still haven’t put away all of the groceries from this morning’s trip.

It’s laundry Monday and while the clothes are clean, nothing has been put away.

It’s Monday and I need a day off.

It’s Monday and Hubby is working late after working this weekend.

It’s Monday and I am done with snotty noses, late night leg pains, sore arms and back from lifting the General again. Done with waxy ears that need their nightly dose of oil…all 8 ears! Done with bloody noses. Done with doctors appointments.

February is almost over and I couldn’t be happier. It was a rough, busy month that threatened to do me in. But with God’s help, and Hubby’s, I gained a bit more strength, a bit more patience, a bit more just let it go attitude.

It’s Monday and This momma is wore out. Popping in some chicken nuggets, making some man-n-cheese for dinner. Not the best but the best for today.


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