Podcast Love

*I am getting over a bit of a cold, so I am keeping it light for you.*

Once I loved talk radio. Now I LOVE podcasts. I tell you they are my new addiction. They are my escape. They help keep my mind fresh. They cover the sometimes too loud kid noises.

On my podcast list right now are: Stuff You Should Know-funny guys who talk about tornadoes, gender pay gap, naming continents, bonsai trees, and everything in between. This American Life-True stories about people and events you don’t often think about. To be honest I do skip over some of the topics covered. Stuff You Missed in History Class-You will see history a bit differently after listening to these ladies. For my christain readers, history is not covered from a biblical viewpoint at all. Some of these I skip as well due to the nature of the topic. Family Talk-From Focus on the Family and James Dobson. Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast-If you are familiar with their radio show then you know what this is all about. Back Story-I much less biased view on history. The older ones are great. I have a number of writing podcast Grammar Girl being one of my faves. The Way I heard it with Mike Rowe-Another sort of history one. If you’ve ever heard Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story then Mike Rowe’s podcast will sound familiar. Good Job, Brain-This is one of my favorites of all!! I would so love to have a group of friends to do this with. So nerdy, so fun! Brain Stuff-How’s and Why’s of things in life most under 10 minutes. The Offical Adventures in Odyssey Podcast-If you love AIO you will like this behind the scenes podcast. God Centered Mom Podcast, Marriage More Podcast, The Jep and Jess Show-Yes Jep and Jess from Duck Dynasty. How I built This-Very interesting podcast, that tells you from the owner how companies like AOL, Power Rangers, Airbnb, etc. got started. It is motivating to listen to. And finally, two of my newest ones…Both parenting podcasts, This Glorious Mess-Yes, everything sounds better with a British accent, even parenting. Funny as well. Parent Savers-You have got to listen to the Misbehaving Toddlers if you have toddlers anywhere around you. ***I totally have to come and edit this post. My little blog has been mentioned here on the New Mommy Media site. How cool is that?!? Thank you, Sunny for the thoughtful shout out. You made my day, heck my week!***

Yes, I do have that many podcasts on my phone…actually there’s more. I haven’t listened to them yet so I can’t tell you if they are even worth a shout out or not.

Making my own podcast, maybe even with Hubby, is one of those things on my mental bucket list.




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