Solar Eclipse

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I am playing catch up here.

So the 2017 solar eclipse, have you heard of it? Did you see it?

Me? I am one of those people who get excited about these type of once in a (fill in the blank) events. Especially, natural. As a family, we talked about it, but no one seemed to really care. So, when I heard our local space museum (our area is big on astronomy…I know the Mr. Hale of the famous Halebop.) was hosting an event I wanted to go. Going by myself was something new for me. I invited our older kids. One had college and the other couldn’t make it. Our younger kids all had school events planned around the solar eclipse.

Let me tell you, I learned something new about myself that day (that week before). I am so used to having someone with me for this kind of things that I almost didn’t go. I wasn’t afraid or anything just felt like a fish out of water. I pushed down whatever uncomfortable feelings I had and went. Boy, am I glad I did!

IMG_2471Besides being the type who gets excited by big natural occurrences, I can procrastinate as well. Especially when I hear that they will teach us to make viewing devices at the space museum.

The event started on the first floor. It was packed. Warm, sweaty bodies kept filling in. Confused and looking for the direction they came. Some who planned and came early sat in the front able to hear the solar eclipse talk.  I scoped the place out an ended up leaning on a wall looking out over the city.

There was mention of eclipse glasses being handed out the first-come-first-serve style on the ground floor at the such and such time and feeling the need for freash air I went down. Glad I did because I was able to make this cool eclipse mirror.

IMG_2472Here you can see a collection of reflections from the mirrors. It was fun to people watch, yet weird not to have anyone to talk to, to share it with.

However, maybe being alone helped me take more in, be able to pay attention to the details surrounding me. What cooler place to be than the space museum where much our states, countries space endeavors happened, had a part in, here. While taking it all in I spotted museum staff with a box. A box just the right size to hold eclipse glasses. I felt like a secret agent making my way to the truck where they handed them out. Again, so glad I went and so glad I spotted the staff. To be able to view a work of God, His wonderous powers and the moon and the sun at the same time was awesome.


I know I saw a solar eclipse way back in elementary through a pinhole, but this had a stabilizing effect on me. Knowing that God is in control of everything.

Even at 67%, I really had to share it with my kids. I wanted to take my glasses to the schools…but didn’t want to disrupt their events. I text my daughter. She still couldn’t make it. So, I took the glasses to her. Again, glad I did. It is always nice to share life with someone else. Her husband came by with a different DIY viewer and we saw the eclipse three different ways. Very neat. Our eldest son got home from college in time to see the end of the eclipse, but still cool.

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