Books, Books, ​and More Books

I LOVE to read. I wasn’t always a reader. Growing up I felt accomplished if I read a teen magazine. However, when a night owl marries an early bird, the night owl has to do something to keep her mind occupied in those lonely night hours. I was the night owl married to a very early riser.  With no one to talk to, no internet back then, and a mind that needed to stay busy books became one of my best friends. I can’t remember what book I first read. I do know that I started out very slow and really had no idea where to start. Non-fiction began to fill in that gap and fill me with the love of reading.

IMG_2582(I picked these up at a thrift store for no more than 60 cents each. Most were 50 cents. At that rate, if a book doesn’t suit my fancy it’s no great loss. Three of these I have already started and won’t finish.)

I have ventured out from a non-fiction only diet. Juvenile fiction, historical fiction, a very occasional thriller/mystery are mixed in now. I don’t read romance, books with sexual content, if it has too much foul language I usually stop reading. I think military books are my only exception to that rule. No horror or fantasy books. Very rarely a Sci-Fi crosses my reading path. I really try to filter what I read and live out the Bible verse: “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes…” Psalms 101:3. My favorite subjects to read are still history and biographies/memoirs.

IMG_2546I have a basket of already read books to give and to keep. I usually give them away rather quick. For me, this is a big pile.

IMG_2545(Please excuse the dust. It is a constant chore to keep it off furniture here.) 

When our local bookstore closed I stocked up, well over $300 worth of books for a fraction of the price. I bought many children’s books as well. These are just my books. We have a whole other growing bookshelf for our children’s books. And two bookshelves in the living room that house Hubby’s books, encyclopedias, reference books, and old-school photo albums.

The books you see here are only the front row. The back of my nightstand is fuller than the front. The three books on the top-left are what I am currently reading. Yes, sometimes I read more than one book at a time. That big old book helping to elevate my lamp is a vintage dictionary. The seven books piled in the center I just picked up at our used bookstore. I had to stop looking before I spent all of my money on books!! I have actually just started volunteering at this used bookstore. Don’t know if that’s a good thing for my budget, especially when it’s my day to sort!! (Sorting, such a relaxing job.) I have set a goal of reading at least half of my current books before I buy I bunch more. The only exception is if I come across a REALLY good find or a REALLY good deal. (Not really a firm limit, but it will have to do.) **I have found six books while sorting worth buying since I originally wrote this post!**  


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