Spice Organization

IMG_2445We have a lot of spices, perhaps more than the average household. With three adults who cook, two of whom LOVE spicy, flavorful food they quickly add up. They also get out of order very easily. (If you know me I thrive on order. Being able to just blindly reach into the cabinet and pull out the spice I need is peace to my mind and soul.) So I put on some podcasts and went to work.

IMG_2446I bought a pair of those 3-tier spice racks. My plans were canceled when the racks didn’t work. They actually took up too much space.

IMG_2444Organizing is not always mess-free.

IMG_2447Done. Now the top two shelves are not full. I just have everything pulled to the front for easy access. I did this about a month ago and so far it looks like this. SOOO nice! I tried to group them together on the bottom shelf, baking spices, herbs, hotter ones (chili powder, etc.), rubs and so on.

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