Random Musings

  • When you’re way too busy to even sit down at your computer, or each time you actually attempt to write a blog post you are needed elsewhere. When life moves at such a pace that you can only make mental recordings. Such has been the times.
  • You know when things land heavy in your heart from time to time but you just have to wait for the right door to open at the right time? Those very doors may be opening here soon. Things are starting to line up just right.
  • The song, “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana sung by a five-year-old boy goes “No One Cares…” song from the middle of your vehicle at just the right time.
  • Your bible, one of the best places for your tears to land.
  • You’ve been telling your kids to “Look at me” for years but strangely after seeing Studio C’s “I Am the Captain Now” on YouTube you cannot say this to your kids ever again with a straight face and without almost breaking into an accent.
  • Mommies judging other mommies, not good. Imagine if we were to strengthen each other instead.
  • The value of your five-year-old saying, “I think I should try and go to the bathroom before we go.” And then using the restroom! Anyone with a child or two who have had bathroom issues knows the exact weight of this.
  • How rare being quiet and polite are.
  • What sorting through a huge pile of Legos that your oldest son brought home from his work can do for a child and an adult.
  • The hope one has in Jesus for that person who is lost and doesn’t know it.
  • The relief in finding the bullet point icon/button just in time to write a post like this.
  • God opening doors you thought were closed.
  • Good shoes…no need to say more.

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