A Rock and A Fossil

First, if there are still any readers out there, I apologize for the huge lapse in my blogging. This summer has proven to be a busy one. Funny thing is, when I take these blogging breaks I tend to get more followers. Wonder what that means?

Anyway, I am going to try to get back into the swing of blogging now that the kids are back in school.

First, one of my latest walks proved to be a spiritual life lesson of sorts.

Sometimes while going through our day or week, the devil sets up camp (or tries to anyway), lying in wait to strick. (Do you see the big snake lying in wait in the path below?)


If we are not diligent in our walk with God, listening to His still small voice, being sensitive to His holy spirit we miss the serpent right before us. The devil never loses focus. Due to my bifocals and all of the trip hazards (another post) I have to look down when I walk. Which can make it harder to keep a vigilant eye out for dangers a bit further around me. Thankfully, I didn’t miss this one.


The snake caused me to take a detour. I didn’t complain..I’d much rather that than risk passing the snake.¬†On my walk, I also found this fossil. It is just like God to show Himself, show the beauty in the midst of life. To me seeing the fossil after the snake was God’s confirmation of His grace and protection.


Not only is the front of the rock full of His beauty, so is the back.


You may think I am reading too much into the whole snake rock connection, but not me. To me, this connection was much bigger than a snake and a rock. Many times throughout my life I have wondered where God was in the midst of my problems, knowing He was there, but not seeing Him when He was right there. For me, God was showing me that He is there, right there, in the midst of my life.