Favorite Prayer Book

If you have spent any time with me personally, on my blog, on Instagram, etc. then you know I LOVE to read. I figure I’d share some of my favorites with you. First up, is one that I have had for years. The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartin. You can see one of her sister books The Power of a Praying Parent underneath.


As you can see, it is much loved. I try to go through this book at least once a year. Honestly, I can’t tell you if I have since we got the kids. BUT it was so comforting to bring it out and read its well-traced lines and speak its well-fought prayers again.


In a nutshell, Mrs. Omartin gives us 30 chapters of her life she has fought for in her life and the lives of others through stories that are laced with scripture and ends them very nicely with again, scripture filled prayer on that given topic. The topics include his work, affection, temptations, choices, etc. However, ladies be forewarned, she starts out the book with a convicting first chapter entitled His Wife. For many years I have covered my husband in these prayed and have learned to season my daily prayers with scripture and to actually take my concerns to God sooner than later.

If you are married, I encourage you to get this book. If your husband is a christain, if he isn’t, if he is struggling in any way, if he isn’t, your prayers can make a difference. Heck, I have prayed some of these prayers over myself. To me, this is not your average devotion or prayer book. Stormie’s book has much more meat to chew on than most.

Books, Books, ​and More Books

I LOVE to read. I wasn’t always a reader. Growing up I felt accomplished if I read a teen magazine. However, when a night owl marries an early bird, the night owl has to do something to keep her mind occupied in those lonely night hours. I was the night owl married to a very early riser.  With no one to talk to, no internet back then, and a mind that needed to stay busy books became one of my best friends. I can’t remember what book I first read. I do know that I started out very slow and really had no idea where to start. Non-fiction began to fill in that gap and fill me with the love of reading.

IMG_2582(I picked these up at a thrift store for no more than 60 cents each. Most were 50 cents. At that rate, if a book doesn’t suit my fancy it’s no great loss. Three of these I have already started and won’t finish.)

I have ventured out from a non-fiction only diet. Juvenile fiction, historical fiction, a very occasional thriller/mystery are mixed in now. I don’t read romance, books with sexual content, if it has too much foul language I usually stop reading. I think military books are my only exception to that rule. No horror or fantasy books. Very rarely a Sci-Fi crosses my reading path. I really try to filter what I read and live out the Bible verse: “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes…” Psalms 101:3. My favorite subjects to read are still history and biographies/memoirs.

IMG_2546I have a basket of already read books to give and to keep. I usually give them away rather quick. For me, this is a big pile.

IMG_2545(Please excuse the dust. It is a constant chore to keep it off furniture here.) 

When our local bookstore closed I stocked up, well over $300 worth of books for a fraction of the price. I bought many children’s books as well. These are just my books. We have a whole other growing bookshelf for our children’s books. And two bookshelves in the living room that house Hubby’s books, encyclopedias, reference books, and old-school photo albums.

The books you see here are only the front row. The back of my nightstand is fuller than the front. The three books on the top-left are what I am currently reading. Yes, sometimes I read more than one book at a time. That big old book helping to elevate my lamp is a vintage dictionary. The seven books piled in the center I just picked up at our used bookstore. I had to stop looking before I spent all of my money on books!! I have actually just started volunteering at this used bookstore. Don’t know if that’s a good thing for my budget, especially when it’s my day to sort!! (Sorting, such a relaxing job.) I have set a goal of reading at least half of my current books before I buy I bunch more. The only exception is if I come across a REALLY good find or a REALLY good deal. (Not really a firm limit, but it will have to do.) **I have found six books while sorting worth buying since I originally wrote this post!**