Bailey Paige

In a short few months, we will be grandparents and get to meet precious Bailey Paige. Throwing their gender reveal was fun. Only I knew the gender, which if you know me when it comes to exciting news, it is hard for me to keep. But I did even with some folks who are very good at extracting information.IMG_2799I also have had the privilege to go to all of our eldest daughter’s OB appointments. Seeing her in the ultrasounds and hearing her heartbeat is so special.



Dear Sisters

“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” Matthew Arnold, nineteenth-century British poet, and philosopher

Reread that quote and let it sink in.

Ladies, sisters…

What untapped power we possess and yet, we are such a bitterly divided group. I am saddened to see where we as women are today. How low we have sunk. This divisiveness has brought such confusion to our nation, brought such a swirling of thoughts in my mind. I think we have confused equal value for equality.

Let me explain.

I have six kids; 2 girls and 4 boys. I have always told our boys they can’t play rough with the girls. They have learned that girls need to be treated with care and respect. They are to be cherished not roughed up like they do to each other. When we have to add chairs to our table the boys get the ones with no backs, the girls, ladies get the ones with backs. The boys are being taught to hold the doors open for their mom and others. Their sisters to accept and truly appreciate that gesture of value. If taught they will more than likely treat females with value for the rest of their lives.

On the flip side, I have told our girls if they want to play rough with the boys then they need to toughen up themselves and risk the consequences. They can’t come crying that their brothers hurt them. If they want to get their own door (or decline offered help) then they better not get mad when their brothers don’t offer that act of value. They can’t have it both ways.

Are my kids equals, no? Do I value them equally, yes?

I don’t want my husband to think of me as an equal. I am not his buddy or his pal he can talk rudely to or expect certain male type things out of me. Do I want him to treat me with equal value and dignity, YES!!

Keeping that balance, no, finding that balance is so hard in today’s society. For men and women. Women want the right to flaunt their bodies as a form of art or some personal thing they got going on and yet get all offended when men see and treat you like an object. When a man values something (someone) he treats it with care and cherishes it/her. However, we need to act in a way that men and other wants to value us. We need to stop sending conflicting messages.

Our power as women is not in our female body parts or in flaunting female body part shaped costumes and demanding equal rights and respect. Our power is in our value. Knowing we are worth that value and valuing those around us.

Sisters, let us not confuse equality for equal value. Let us stop lowering ourselves by shamefully displaying our aggression, our hatred, and our private parts. Let us reach out and lift the sister next to us up. Teach your little girls they are valued beyond rubies and to accept acts of value from others. Teach your boys to value woman, to cherish them and protect them.

I am not saying girls/women can’t do things our male counterparts can. I am saying there are some things we shouldn’t do. Let’s get things back in balance. Let’s start valuing again.


Yikes…! Where does the time go?

I have had so many good blog posts formulating in my head. So many.

Posts about our holiday break, raising a big family, helping kids overcome and thrive, setbacks…you get the picture.

BUT, I am a mom. A mom of 6 children from toddlerhood to adulthood and all in between.


To be honest, this year started like last year ended…full of emotions. We have had every type going on here. And me, I am trying to keep myself in control and reset my mind. Some days we are just surviving, barely hanging on. Playing Whack-a-mole as the kids take turns having issues. You never know who or what is going to happen.


There are the boys. These boys…LOVE them to pieces, but they can really twist and turn the tides of the household dynamics. Let’s see we have one who was doing SOOO good only to go back to what we call foster mode (total emotional chaos, absent-mindedness, etc.), one doing super good, maturing and functioning on all cylinders (which doesn’t always happen). So good I called my mom. This one even gave me a hug! Another got tripped and broke his leg. (another post for later). We have lost wallets, tensions on high, sometimes overly aggressive boy behavior and Hubby and I trying to navigate our way through it all without losing it ourselves (which as humans we have). Can I repeat when one (just a certain one) of ours goes into the foster mode it really throws us all.


Then there are our girls. One is preteen and still trying to find her way and place in our family. She finds it and then I think becomes uncomfortable. Our oldest, well, is great but for me learning how to have our, sort of still new, the adult relationship can leave me wondering if I am doing too much or too little. Overall the girls have been more help than not.

So this year is slowing coming together and slowing down I am trying to readjust some of my thinking patterns. Trying not to be so reactive. Trying not to change (fix) those in my immediate life. I am giving them to God and trying to let Him do the work I can’t. Letting God make up for all of these times I fall so very short. And learning grace again.

Okay, off to do laundry, dishes, my hair, laundry, make an appointment, oh did I mention laundry?

Our Silly Names

Chief Potato

Mr. Bubblewrap, or Donkey from Shrek

Little Man aka Little General


What’s up with these and what do they mean?

Chief Potato: second oldest son, oldest is our adopted sib group.  He also is a self-proclaiming lazy person, hence the potato=couch potato reference.  Chief just fits.

Mr. Bubblewrap: third son and third in our adopted group, needs bubble wrap as he is constantly getting hurt.  Donkey: a Shrek reference…just think about how much Donkey talks and how he acts in the movie…you get the picture.

Little Man/Little General: the youngest in all categories, just an affectionate name I gave him after I bought him a onesie with “Mom’s Little Man” on it.  It makes it easier to refer to him instead of going through the mental list of boys in our family as well.  He just acquired a new nickname that fits even better; Little General/The General as he so thinks he is the boss of all his siblings, even our adult ones.

Nana: our second daughter and right behind Chief in the birth order of our adopted ninos, it’s what The General calls her.

Ninos: a simple reference to our adopted children.



Read to Me

Read to me and I will grow.

Read to me about the things I should know.

Read to me right by my side.

Read to me and these things I will apply.

(by me)


“Read to them”, “Have them read to you”, read, read and read.  This was the most common advice for all of our ninos, who came to us behind on various levels.  The advice came from their teachers, therapist (OT, Speech, etc.), everyone at their IEPs. Yet books, when the kids first came, were foreign, something they just didn’t “do”.


The first summer reading program was like pulling teeth just to earn their T-shirts.  This was a blow to my mom ego, as I had been bringing my bios to story time and the summer reading program since they were in diapers.  Literally.

But we pressed on and this past summer reading program the children’s librarian commented, “You have some good readers.”  Boost to the ego for sure.  Mine and theirs.  The general is our bookworm.  Nana is reading big books.  Still working on the comprehension part of reading, but we’ll get there.


Here Mr. B is reading to the library’s cockroach. Mr. B really struggled with reading.  Could not sound out words to save his life.  It was such an emotional time having him read to us. I had to give it up for awhile.  Hubby stepped in and yet the little wires in Mr. B’s brain seemed to be having such a hard time clicking and connecting.  Fast forward to the most recent report card…Mr. B is ON level in reading!!  This guy has accomplished so much already.


We read everywhere.  In just about every room in the house.  We read labels, cooking instructions, homework, the Bible, street signs, etc.  It helps them realize why they need to read and understand what they are reading.  Mac-n-cheese doesn’t taste too good if you can’t read and/or follow the directions.

There are also some good online sites that read the book to the kids. Storytime Online, Storyline Online.  Also, if you have kids from birth to 5, be sure to sign them up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  The kids just love getting the books in the mail with their name on the postal label.  These are all free!


How reading helps kids:

*Sitting still.  Can’t say enough about sitting still.  For all kids but especially kids who don’t know what still means, what safe means, being still means you have not been on alert, not worry about what’s going on around you.

*Focus.  Focus on what the pictures are telling you, what the words are saying.  Again, focus on the story and not fear what’s going on around you.

*Comprehension.  When you can put words to the pictures you see you can get a better understanding of what’s going on in the story.

*Vocabulary.  Reading alone won’t build vocabulary, but alongside comprehension, it will.  It a child can figure out what a certain word means by deciphering the context of the sentence then they have pretty good problem-solving skills and can figure out just about any word.  If you don’t now the words you’re reading, reading won’t be any fun.  Chief Potato and Nana don’t really enjoy reading out loud to me.  I stop them often from seeing of they understand certain words, if they comprehend what they are reading.

*Problem-solving skills, relational skills.  When you read how the main character solved the conflict in the story you gain the knowledge you may need to get out of a jam in the future.  You learn how not to be a bully and what to do about bullies, and so on and so on.

*Increases the imagination. Do I even need to explain this one?  You can go anywhere, be anyone when you read books.


Tell me your favorite kid books, book sites, or tips on how to get kids to read.

Is Spelling Really That Important?


Flashback to when our oldest daughter was in elementary school.  We would drill that week’s list of spelling words, over and over until she could spell her list.  Then forward a bit to homeschooling our oldest son.  Spelling was not his strong point and we had special ways to learn and practice his spelling words.  (I just did a quick web search and golly, there’s a wealth of info of teaching the right-brained child that wasn’t available then.)  All the while giving them grammatical tips that help to spell words.  Today, they are good spellers.  Fast forward to this week.  I am sitting at the bar, kitchen bar, with Mr. Bubblewrap going over his spelling words for the week.  This time I am teaching a bit different.  With technology, spell checks, etc. even bad spellers can write a decent letter, report, etc.

However, I am more concerned if they know what the words mean.  All of our ninos came to us behind on so many varying levels.  A biggie was their vocabulary and comprehension or a lack thereof.  Sure the older ones could read chapter books, BUT seriously only understood 50% of what they were reading.  A lot of life will pass then right on by at that rate.  Chief Potato found reading out loud to me quite a chore.  However, we do see the positive results in most of the kids.

My point?  Sure, knowing how to spell is good, but knowing what the words you’re spelling mean is so much more important.  We still go over the how-to-spell and the grammar side of spelling, but with less emphasis on those and more on their meanings.


Water-lemon and Sasquatch

Today was one of those roller coaster days.  We are coming off of a weekend of revelations and breakthroughs, looking forward to a new week.  Chief Potato and I had a good time doing our Life Skills part of homeschooling this morning.   As we were walking out I asked him what he learned.  He named off a few things and added, “how to drop things.”  (This boy makes me laugh.)  Let me tell you we (I) dropped way too many things throughout the store.

Little Man’s bus was about 20 minutes late.  After he had nibbled at his lunch, he opted out of taking a nap.  Which leads to him being Mr. Emo in the evening.  Very early bedtime tonight for this little man.

Then there were the afternoon calls that led my mind and emotions spiral out of control. The other two kids came home from school, thankfully in good moods.  They made me laugh, which I totally needed.  They also gave me about a five-minute window to get ahold of God. Let me tell you, chains were broken and I was set free!

So onto dinner.  I serve Zucchini Pizza.  Chief Potato asked “What’s this? Sasquatch?”  When he is on he is a riot.  He was thinking squash.  From here on out squash is now sasquatch.  We also had watermelon which Mr. Bubblewrap calls water-lemon.  Mr. Bubblewrap has cute names for various things.